✉ My booking email:

I would be delighted to spend some quality time with you and it would be my pleasure for my assistant to help arrange the perfect date for the two of us : )   Please kindly EMAIL or FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and my assistants will get your screening done right away !



PLEASE NOTE:  I WILL be checking your PHOTO ID BEFORE you enter my suite.  I also require TWO of the following ...  


Please provide One of the following:    

- A valid Driver’s License (name and DOB showing)  

- A valid Passport  

- A valid Government ID (ie Military ID, Student ID, etc)            


ALSO Please provide ONE of the following:    

- A copy of your work ID  

- A copy of your Business Card  

- An email sent to her FROM your work email  

- Specific instructions on how to call and verify your employment by calling your place of work  

- Contact information for recent references (please note this will delay the screening and may take 48 hrs or longer to get a reply.)          


Simply send to her email with fileds below filled out and attachments